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About Us

What is AARPI?

AARPI is a not-for-profit organisation whose members are closely involved with real property in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is organised for the purposes of:

  • Bringing together a membership of the most knowledgeable and best qualified real estate professionals (and some users) from the two countries, and potentially elsewhere, limited in numbers so as to:
    • assure active participation by all members and the development of professional and personal relationships;
    • broaden the knowledge and understanding of its members;and
    • foster full and frank discussion of issues of common concern;
  • Presenting informative and provocative programs through member and invited speakers (broadly defined in an era of globalization) on matters of current and longterm concern to real estate professionals; and,
  • Promoting discussion and analysis of the causes of and potential answers to identified problems involving ownership, use and development of land, and land transactions, in the two countries with a view to finding and advancing practical solutions.

Membership of AARPI is by invitation and is limited to fifty from each country, together with Senior Members who have retired from active business but have elected to retain their membership, or who remain active beyond the normal retirement age. AARPI is managed by Governors elected from among the members and has no employees or premises.

AARPI Governors meet annually in the Spring (although the UK Governors meet more often) to prepare for the Annual General Meeting of all members in September each year, at which members from each country present papers on a topic of current interest or concern to the real estate community, drawing attention to the differences, or similarities, of the law and practice in the two countries. Over recent years the interest has widened to encompass matters in the global real estate market.

From time to time, research papers are prepared by members, or commissioned from outside sources, and made available publicly.