Association for Real Property and Infrastructure

The Association for Real Property and Infrastructure (ARPI) (formerly known as the Anglo-American Real Property Institute) was founded in December 1980 by a group of people closely involved with the ownership, development, management and financing of real property in the U.S. and U.K. With the increasingly global nature of investments in real property and infrastructure and the importance to ARPI’s members of understanding property markets around the world,ARPI has likewise broadened its focus of inquiry and discussion.

Membership is by invitation. The obligation and responsibility of members is to participate and contribute to the common goal of disseminating leading-edge thinking in the sector. The benefits of being a member extend beyond the importance of continuing professional development, interacting with very special speakers and the networking opportunities that exist in the informal annual conference taking place over three days. ARPI also provides significant value in identifying mentors in the industry with whom members might develop relationships and welcome friendships with senior people not in one’s corporate hierarchy.

Partners of the members also play a key part in the conference in creating this more relaxed and informal environment, which encourages wide-ranging discussions.

This web site is an introduction to ARPI. It also acts as a central point of information for members and their partners about the past and future meetings, membership and other matters.

If you want to know more about ARPI, you can use the contact addresses on the Contact Us page.